Visual Moderation

The Botanic Concrete version of Visual Moderation involves real-time note taking using drawing as it’s primary tool. Simple illustrations are used to explain and capture ideas, concepts and discussions in a concise and accessible format. Visual Moderation is a two way process where the moderator checks in and refines their notes in discussion with the people involved in the event that they are attempting to capture.

Large roll of paper

Blu tack

Selection of marker pens/drawing materials

  • It’s a good idea for the Moderator to develop a short lexicon of imagery that they can refer to, to ensure that the process is efficient and delivered in real time. For example, if you are moderating a meeting about families and green spaces you should figure out how you will represent ‘family’ or ‘people’ as well as trees/plants/green spaces ahead of the meeting so that you have that idea in your head before you start. 
  • Remember that you are taking notes and that you don’t need to capture every single detail- go for the key ideas and concepts with an economy of language and then check in with the group to see if you have missed anything that they would like to include. 
  • It’s a good idea to think about how you will share the notes after the event: will this be through photographs or can you refine and digitise the notes?

The notes created using Visual Moderation throughout Botanic Concrete so far have been digitised and shared with the group via email and a dedicated Facebook page. The illustrations from the notes have formed a visual identity for the project and have been used for the website and for the branding of different tools and events.


Botanic Concrete Notes

Botanic Concrete overview

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