Project Launch

An event to bring together people interested in and curious about Botanic Concrete to understand what people know and can bring to the community, what they would like to know and learn and key questions on the project. 

  • one space
  • one curator/organizer/facilitator
  • participants/local community/people from different fields and interests
  • free soups, coffee and drinks
  • project presentation from the organiser/curator/facilitator
  • 3 colored post-its: We were asked to answer three questions on each and then pin them on the wall for everyone to read.
    • Purple: Write what you want to know about the Botanic Concrete project in Garnethill
    • Yellow: What do you know about Garnethill, what potential does it have and what knowledge can you offer?
    • Blue: What do you want to know about Garnethill?


This was the first time Botanic Concrete Project was presented to a community of people, some of which later on became the active members. It was an important moment where people had the opportunity to meet, discuss about the project, and read about each other’s ideas and concerns which were written on the colourful post-its. The project Launch created a feeling of curiosity about what was going to follow and this is what gave it an intriguing aspect.

The result were gathered into the following Google Documents: