Brainstorming Session

The Brainstorming session took the key questions and what was found about what people knew and would like to know from the Project Launch to form the themes. This would further help to think of new ideas and create possible tools, events and collaborations between the community.

  • one curator/organiser/facilitator
  • participants/local community/people from different fields and interests
  • paper and pen, pencils
  • 5 tables
  • one title written on each table- COMMUNITY, GREEN, CULTURE, STORIES, FOOD
  • one long wallpaper for visualisation, by an illustrator, of the main ideas expressed during the night by the participants

Four questions were asked as the brainstorming was happening, and one illustrator would visualise on a wall paper the words and things we would describe. For example:

  1. Talk about the word “GREEN”
  2. Find a definition for the word and link it to one or more of the following titles: Sharing, experimenting, making, teaching, playing
  3. Find one or more actions that can be created in the field of your title, in the area of Garnethill and then discuss in which way you can all contribute in these actions with your own skills and knowledge. Share a proposal and understand how that could be part of the Botanic Concrete laboratory. Start from ground 0. Imagine that there is no architecture, no urban space. How can this action contribute to the world?
  4. Open discussion: Are these proposals achievable? What are the next steps?

"Very productive session. People started discussing about their Right to the City and their way of reimagining their neighbourhood. The Brainstorming ended with lots of wonderful ideas and concepts, such as the Photocoffee project which took place at the Project Cafe a few months later."


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