For me, it was about the potentialities that we have like a conscious persons that we have  around our own environment. It´s related with the capacity to observe our “rubbish” in another way, seeing the same like a potential “seed” to built other things.

In reference to the exercise that we made, is made with rubber wheels, which could be mounted and fitted in the manner that you can built a chair, for example. But, this methodology applies to everything, the only barrier is our imagination and our creativity.

Rubber car wheels, hammer drills, screws, nuts, washers, etc.

Also we made an inflatable made with:

Plastic bags, tape, cutter...

I think this “tool” could be useful especially in spaces with a lot of access to recyclable materials, or in places where overshooting plastic and other materials exists.
I believe that the tool is very useful in raising awareness, which ultimately is what gets us to see the materials and consumption itself from other perspectives.

I learned about the importance of observing the materials, and the relationship between the structure of the material and content (level of industrial design) allows us to take advantage of the material itself other unexpected ways. You could say that it is a "redesign" open, so that you can give objects a second, third, fourth life etc.